Salvatorian Youth Movement: The Youth Forum

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Salvatorian Youth Movement: The Youth Forum

Recently the XXII Salvatorian Youth Forum in Dobroszyce near Wrocław was concluded. It was a special time not only when it comes to developing young people’s talents, but most of all from the spiritual perspective.

The Forum is the biggest event organized by the Salvatorian Fathers Maciej and Łukasz, during summer break. Christian youth from all parts of Poland arrive to Dobroszyce to praise Our Lord in community. Each day they participate in the Holy Eucharist, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and diverse services.

Every day numerous guests attended the Forum, providing interesting conferences relating to particular themes (for ex. “It’s time to look at the Cross,” “It’s time I feel like a child” etc.).

But the Forum is not only dedicated to prayer and conferences. During the five days the participants took part in workshops, for example: iconography, first aid, theater, cooking, social communication, African music, volleyball, football, photography etc. On a daily basis young people in small groups meditated fragments of the Holy Scriptures.

The so-called Youth Feast concluded the Forum. It was the time to summarize the event, time of concerts and presentations of the workshop groups.