R.I.P. Fr. Piotr Niewiadomski SDS

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R.I.P. Fr. Piotr Niewiadomski SDS

Father Piotr Niewiadomski was born on June 15th, 1950 in Pleszew (Poland). He was baptized on July 16th, 1950 in the church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist in his home town. A year later his family moved to Gorzów Wielkopolski. from 1957 to 1964 he attended elementary school there.

He was an altar boy since 1956 and served in a cathedral parish in Gorzów Wielkopolski. In 1966 he became a lector and continued his liturgical service in the cathedral of Gorzów. At that time, he learned about Salvatorian Fathers through Fr. Antoni Myśliwiec SDS.

            In 1964 he started his high school education in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He graduated from high school four years later. After that, he was wondering about his future way of life, but he was not sure to follow the call of vocation yet. That is why he chose education in Teachers’ College. In 1970 he became a music teacher in an elementary school in Deszczyn. He still had a good relationship with Salvatorian Fathers, who served in the Cathedral of Gorzów at that time. After four years of his work as a teacher, the voice of God’s calling eventually won.

             Answering to the invitation of Our Savior, he wrote a petition to join the Society on June 16th, 1974. On August 26th, 1974 he came to Bagno, were – after spiritual retreat – he started his religious formation. On September 8th, 1975 he got a Salvatorian habit and had his first religious profession. From 1975 to 1981 he studied philosophy and theology in the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno. On September 8th, 1979, he tied up for a lifetime with an apostolic deed of Father Jordan through perpetual vows. He was ordained for deaconate on April 16th, 1980 in Dobroszyce by Archbishop Henryk Gulbinowicz.

            1981 was a special year for Salvatorians. It was a 100th anniversary of founding the Society.  Because of that the class of Fr. Piotr Niewiadomski was supposed to receive priestly ordination from the Holy Father John Paul II on June 14th, 1981 in Rome. However, these plans were ruined by the assassination attempt on the Pope. Eventually, Fr. Piotr together with his colleagues was ordained to priesthood on June 8th, 1981 in Trzebnica by Bishop Tadeusz Rybak.

His first place of pastoral ministry was Salvatorian community in Widuchowa, where he served as vicar in local parish from July 16th, 1981. At the same time, following the ordination of Provincial Chapter, he was obliged to study in a Department of Practical Theology of Catholic Theological Academy in Szczecin. In 1984 he became a consultor of the local Salvatorian community. At the turn of 1984 and 1985 he applied to work in USA, however, these plans were ultimately not implemented.

The next place of his service was a Salvatorian community in Węgorzewo, where he was sent in 1985. From July 1st, 1985 until July 6th, 1987 he was a vicar in a diocesan parish of St. Bruno in Giżycko, From July 7th, 1987 until June 30th, 1988 he was a vicar in Węgorzewo. On June 30th, 1988 he was transferred to Elbląg by his superiors. He was supposed to become a vicar in a parish of Blessed Brother Albert Chmielowski, however this decision was changed, and ultimately Fr. Piotr was moved to the Salvatorian community in Dobroszyce, where he served as a vice-superior of the community and as a vicar in a parish of Saint Hedwig of Silesia.

Two years later, he was moved to Oborniki Śląskie, where from June 30th, 1990 he became a superior of local community and a vicar in local parish of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. A year later, on July 10th, 1991 he was nominated to be a pastor in a parish of Saint Michael the Archangel in Wszemirów. After seven years of his pastoral ministry and renovation of two churches in a parish, he started his application for pastoral work in the Czech Province of the Salvatorians and finally he got permission for working there.

On June 10th, 1999 he was sent to the pastoral work in a parish of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Prostejov. After short service, on October 16th, 1999 he was moved to Javornik. He became a pastor there and an administrator of parishes in Uhelna, Vlcice, Travna and Zalesi. In 2002 he became a Provincial Vicar of Czech Province of the Salvatorians. Following years were a time of transformation of this Province, which had to change its legal status because of the decreasing number of its members. As a result, ultimately in 2012 it became a Czech Foundation of Polish Province of the Salvatorians.

Due to the deteriorating health of Fr. Peter and underwent heart surgery, on February 10th, 2014 his superiors released him from the office of a pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Javornik (including villages of Travna and Uhelna) and he became a pastoral aid there. Despite his health limitations, by the decision of bishop of Opole Diocese in Poland and Polish Provincial, he became a chaplain in a hospital in Paczków – on the Polish side of Polish-Czech border.

In 2015, Fr. Piotr Niewiadomski celebrated his 40th anniversary of religious vows. By the decision of Bishop of Opole Diocese, from April 14th, 2015, his appointment of the chaplain in Paczków hospital was extended. On October 13th, 2015 Polish Provincial nominated him to be an administrator of Immaculate Virgin Mary Parish in Travna and Zalesi.

In the memories of his confreres, Fr. Piotr Niewiadomski will remain as a happy, kind and religious Salvatorian. His sudden health deterioration and death surprised many. He ended his earthly pilgrimage in a hospital in Nysa (Poland) on March 9th, 2021. He died on his 71st year of life, 46th year of religious life and 40th year of his priesthood. His funeral took place on March 17th in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He was buried in a family tomb in a local cemetery.


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