Mexico: Salvatorian Fiesta in Campeche

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Mexico: Salvatorian Fiesta in Campeche

The Holy Spirit has no limits. It is not any problem for Him to work in some distant part of the world (10 873 kilometers from Gurtweil, Germany), in a foreign language and culture. The Spirit of God inspired Father Francis Jordan with the Salvatorian idea, which is universal and comprehensible to all.

The Feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the 97th death anniversary of the Founder of the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) was joyfully celebrated in Campeche. The main ceremonies began witht the Holy Mass at 7 p.m. The church was almosf full.

Most of the people were wearing the typical colorful shirts, each color signigying membership in one of the parish group. Rich Liturgy of the Word was prepared by the charismatic group. Fr. Andrzej Kusiak SDS, in his homily, spoke about Father Jordan.

In a solemn procession with the gifts the parishioners brought to the altar, among others, the Spiritual Dairy and embroidered Salvatorian logo. The procession with relics of St. John Paul II also took place. He is very revered in Mexico.

The second part of the Feast took place in the square by the church. Fr. Jakub Trzópek SDS provided a brief conference with presentation about Father Jordan. The Lay Salvatorians organized the quiz with prizes. The Salvatorian Priests were positively surprised hearing good answeres given by non-Salvatorians, regarding the spirituality of Fr. Francis. Lay Salvatorians also served meals and drinks during the meeting.

Although there are difficult moments in life, lay or religious, Father Jordan's words recited by the parishioners during the Eucharist, can fill us with great hope and consolation: "Las grandes obras crecen a la Sombra de la Cruz" which means: "The great works flourish in the shadow of the Cross."

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