Salvatorian Youth Forum 2013

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Salvatorian Youth Forum 2013

The 20th Salvatorian Youth Forum took place on July 6-15, in Dobroszyce. This year its motto was: “Chin up!” and it gathered record number of participants from Poland and abroad (Hungary). The Forum is organized by the Salvatorian Youth Movement. Many Salvatorians, including superior of the Polish Province SDS, served at the event. The daily Mass often was concelebrated by about 20 priests.


For five days, young people were provided occasions to develop their talents or to learn something new, by taking part in workshops, such as for example: Gospel song, decoupage, first aid, missions, theater, cooking, iconography.

The Salvatorian Youth Forum aims at, first of all, at providing to young people an occasion to deepen their faith and to grow in Christian maturity. Young people participate in the Eucharist (with sermons) every day. They can take part in conferences and hear testimonies, given by guests – witnesses of Faith. The last three days of the Forum are called the “Feast of Young People,” when, among others, the concerts and presentations of fruits of the workshop take place. It is a time of great joy, which unites those who entrust their lives to Christ.