Salvatorian Seminary: New academic year

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Salvatorian Seminary: New academic year

On Saturday, October 11 2014, in the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno, took place the inauguration of the new academic year  2014/2015. The program began at 9.30 a.m. with the Holy Mass, presided over by the Most Reverend Andrzej Siemieniewski. In the celebration participated, among others, rectors and delegates of various seminaries, representatives of local authorities, health services and education, professors, lecturers and Salvatorians from Poland and abroad.


After the Eucharist all the alumni and guests took part in the second part of the celebration. Following the medieval hymn “Guade Mater Polonia”, Fr. Jerzy Madera SDS, Rector of the Seminary, officially announced the new academic year. Fr. Tomasz Raćkos SDS, Director of Studies, presented the report for the past year and nine new students received their indexes, which enables them to study philosophy and theology in the Salvatorian Seminary in Bagno and at the Ponfical Theology Faculty in Wrocław. Fr. Ambroży Skorupa SDS, specialist in area of Canon Law, gave the opening lecture regarding a synod as a space for dialogue in the Church. After several speeches, Fr. Piotr Filas SDS, Superior of the Polish Province, concluded the celebration. In the afternoon took place the pedagogical conference of the educators, professors and lecturers; also the Provincial Council members were present.

On October 11th the Salvatorians in the whole world celebrate the liturgical solemnity of Our Lady the Mother of Our Saviour. Therefore it is a very important day in the agenda of the Seminarian community. That day Fr. Bogdan Giemza SDS presented the newest, eight volume of the academic magazine “Studia Salvatoriana Polonica”, which is published every year by lecturers and academic employees in Bagno.

The Salvatorian community in Bagno consists of fifty persons, including thirty five Salvatorians on diverse levels of elementary formation. Twenty three of them are students of the Pontifical Theology Faculty and they study in the Salvatorian Major Seminary in Bagno. At present among the Salvatorians in Bagno are those from Albania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Tanzania and Ukraine.