Missionary Volunteers: Nationwide meeting in Ponice

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Missionary Volunteers: Nationwide meeting in Ponice

On November 7-11 this year, in Ponice, young people involved in the Missionary Volunteers „Salvator” (WMS) movement, arrived to the Salvatorian Parish in Ponice near Rabka Zdrój, for their twelfth meeting. Thus they began another formation year. Under the title “Meet Him!” they pondered upon the theme of the Kerygma included in the Revelation and preached by the Church and all the faithful by word and testimony of life.


One day was dedicated to sharing experiences from this year’s missionary activities. In 2014 forty five volunteers of the WMS served in Hungary, Romania, Albania, in the Palestinian autonomy, Israel, Tanzania, Zambia and Philippines. During the meeting the participants took part in workshops dedicated to communication in a group. Every day young people participated in the Eucharist, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and meditated the Word of God.