Fr. Franciszek Łysuniec SDS (1931-2014)

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Fr. Franciszek Łysuniec SDS (1931-2014)

Fr. Franciszek (religious name: Hubert) Łysuniec was born on November 28, 1931 in Sedynówka (Tarnopol voivodeship) in the family of Antoni and Bronisława. When he was four years old they moved to Brody, where he later attended an elementary school. In consequence of the World War II his father was arrested and died soon, after being held in several German camps. Franciszek and his mother had to change their residence. First they moved to Tuchów, where he attended Junior High School, and later to Wińsko in Lower Silesia.


Since his early age he wanted to become a Priest and wished to attend a High School guided by clergy. During the years 1947-1948 he was a student of the High School for Boys in Kraków at św. Jacka Street. In September 1949 he entered the Novitiate of the Society of the Divine Saviour. He made his first religious profession on September 8th 1950 in Bagno. During the years 1950-1952 he attended the Minor Seminary of the Salvatorian Fathers in Mikołów. Afterwards he studied in the College of Philosophy and Theology of the Dominican Fathers in Kraków. He took his perpetual vows on September 8th 1954 in Kraków. He was ordained to the Priesthood on June 17th 1958 in Kraków by the Most Rev. Karol Pękala. Then he was sent for the tirocinium, while a resident of the Kraków’s Salvatorian community. At that time he studied pastoral theology in the Theology Department of the Franciscan Fathers at the All Saints Square.

By the decree of his Provincial Superior, from December 7th 1962, he was appointed a second consultor of the religious community house in Zakopane. On August 1st 1963 he was entrusted with duties of a vicar in the diocesan parish of the Nativity of BVM in Choszczno. From August 31st 1966 he moved to the religious community house in Kraków-Zakrzówek, where he was the first consultor and treasurer. At that time he served also as confessor of the seminarians who lived there. In 1970 he was entrusted with duties of vice superior and treasurer of the community in Zakrzówek. From July 31st 1972 he was superior and treasurer of the community house in Warsaw at Olimpijska Street. In the middle of 1978 he was released from these duties and in November was transferred to the community in Merrillville, USA. After one year, because of health problems, he returned to Poland. Towards the end of August 1980 Fr. Łysuniec was transferred to the community house in Nałęczów, as a missionary and retreat giver. In February 1982 he received permission from his Provincial Superior to work in the pastoral ministry for soldiers. The following year he was nominated a captain. At the time he resided in the military parish in Warsaw. From October 1st 1985 he was transferred to the community house in Międzywodzie, where he was involved in pastoral ministry. From June 30th 1987 he was superior and treasurer in Nałęczów. After the three year term he continued his duties as a treasurer and was appointed a vice superior. From the end of October 1992 until the end of June 1996 he was again the superior. During the following years he resided in the community house in Nałęczów.

From July 1st 2009 his great wish came true: he was transferred to the community house in Kraków at św. Jacka Street. It took place shortly after he experienced some cardiovascular problems. Although he was advanced in years and had problems with health, he engaged in pastoral ministry in the local rectoral church.

Father Franciszek had an interesting personality. He enriched his recent community with colourful memories, his good sense of humour and practical advices. He loved nature and with great reverence spoke of his parents and sister. Very often he expressed his admiration for religious vocation and encouraged all young people he met to follow this way of live.
Fr. Franciszek Łysuniec died on December 2nd 2014. He was a religious for 67 years and a Priest for 56 years. The Salvatorian Family, his relatives and friends attended his funeral Mass on December 5th in the church of the Divine Saviour in Kraków. Father Franciszek was buried in the Salwator Cemetery.

Prepared by: Fr. Sławomir Noga SDS